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O tym jak..

O tym jak..

Why I come back to PPE?

Cesarz Własnego Ja.


Most of you would like to know what has happened to me for several years?

Hello everyone, I am Reinvented - host, this noble cycle. Today exceptionally! Because I wanted to talk a little about what I did throughout the previous week, I usually try to avoid submitting such sentences, because blogs describing games are already a bit on PPE. But! Finish Horizon: Zero Dawn, keep silent this fact, and write nothing - it would certainly be an insult to the creators of this noble production and to the heroine whom I truly love. Although at first I was not convinced to Horizon, I wrote to someone somewhere that I was waiting for the story to develop a little, and actually somewhere at 40% of the game, the story finally began to interest me, so interesting that lying stretched out on the couch, I gratefully I stretched and sat in the position of "full interest" then 40% of the story happens more or less when we finally learn more about what happened in the world, who we are and what our task really is. In the initial phase of the Horizon feature film, some "boom!" Was definitely missing. From Horizon: Zero Dawn, I spent about two full weeks, finishing the game on the counter I had 65 hours and I was very sorry that it was over, I didn't use fast travel (for me this option always killed sandboxes) I visited, saw, and cleaned everything I found on my way. Horizon is another good game that must be taken into account when buying Playstation 4. Personally, I honestly admit that if I bought Playstation 4 now, Horizon would certainly be the first game I would put in a reader. Meanwhile, there is nothing else for me but to wait for the first Feature DLC that has already been announced by the way. :)



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