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TheSixthAxis 9/10

The world that you encounter is one that’s more dynamic and open than ever before. Legend of Zelda games have long featured the concept of passing time – most memorably in Majora’s Mask – and inclement weather at various points, but it’s all handled dynamically in Breath of the Wild, with shadows creeping across the landscape, and every gorgeous sunset matched by the foreboding gloom as rain starts to pour and the wind kicks up.

Świat gry jest dynamiczny i otwarty jak nigdy wcześniej. Koncept upływu czasu w serii jest znany od dawna, stosowana takze zmienne warunki pogodowe, ale tu ich dynamika zaznacza się szczególnie- cienie wędrujące po krajobrazie, świetne zachody słońca zestawione z narastajacym mrokiem, ulewy deszczu i podmuchy wiatru.

The wind is just one of many ways that the game makes use of its new physics engine, as it blows certain items around the floor or pushes you when you’re paragliding. Physics also has a surprising effect on combat, letting you send enemies flying with strong attacks or by swatting them out of the sky as they leap towards you.

Wiatr jest jedną z manifestacji nowego silnika fizycznego, popycha szczególne przedmioty po ziemi lub napędza lotnię. Fizyka zaznacza sie takze podczas walki, pozwalajac wysłać przeciwników w powietrze, bądź atakować ich, gdy skaczą w Twoim kierunku.

Even without the physics, combat is nice and fluid in a manner that will feel familiar to fans of the series. Lock onto your target, while remaining wary of other enemies, and either strike or wait for an opportunity to dodge and pull a slow motion counter that unleashes a savage flurry of attacks. Firing an arrow is as simple as holding the right trigger to aim and loosing a shot, though you’ll have to be wary of physics and arrow drop over long distances.

Walka jest ciekawa i znajoma dla fanów serii. Ulokuj sie na celu pozostając świadomym innych przeciwników, i albo uderz,albo czekaj na mozliwosć uniku i kontry w slow motion. Podczas strzelania z łuku trzeba brać poprawkę na grawitację.

 shrines dotted around the world that you have to find and discover for yourself. These are effectively miniature, bitesized dungeons, focussed around a single kind of puzzle or ability. Sometimes simply finding the shrine in the environment is enough to reward you with a chest and Spirit Orb.

Świątynie są rozisane po całym świecie i trzeba je znaleźć na własną rękę. Są to miniaturowe labirynty skoncentrowane tematycznie na jakiejś zdolności albo zagadce. 

Sadly, cooking becomes a chore as you have to go through the same steps over and over to get a good store of meals ahead of a challenging section of game, and you lack the ability to save recipes for later. 

Niestety, z czasem gotowanie staje się męczace, musisz powtarzać w kółko te same czynności, gdyz nie można zasejwowac przepisów na później.

They’re small complaints when Nintendo gets so much right, adopting, adapting and improving upon so many ideas. There’s the touch of Dark Souls in the difficulty, the ability to meet enemies that kill you in one hit, but you can save wherever you like and enemies only regenerate at certain times, not whenever you die.

Kolejne porównanie do Dark Souls-możesz spotkać przeciwników, ktorzy zabiją cię jednym uderzeniem, ale możesz zasejwować, gdzie chcesz. Przeciwnicy regenerują się tylko w pewnych chwilach, a nie za każdym razem, gdy umierasz.

Playing on Nintendo Switch, the game has two modes. With the console in your hand, it looks simply gorgeous on the built in 720p display, running with nary a hitch, but dropping the console into the dock bumps the game up to 900p. It still looks great on TV, with the strength of the art style and the sweeping landscapes sucking you in, but what’s more troublesome are the occasional frame rate drops. They only crop up on occasion, but are a somewhat sour note. Another slight disappointment is the lack of touch screen controls that could improve the menus.

Grać można w dwóch trybach. Na handheldzie-gra wygląda wtedy fantastycznie w 720p i działa bez zarzutu, ale gdy podłączysz do TV (900p), gra dalej wygląda dobrze, czasem zdarzaja się spadki animacji. Nie ma takze możliwości kontrolowania menu na ekranie dotykowym.

What Nintendo manage to do with this system – and conversely with the Wii U – is genuinely incredible, though. Yes, there are times when the landscape looks bland, where you can see enemies and NPCs popping in as you race towards them at pace, but these moments are far outweighed by the beauty of the lush grass covered fields basking in the light of the setting sun.

Czasami obraz krajobraz wydaje się mdły, czasami przeciwnicy podskakują, gdy pędzisz ku nim, ale ogólnie jest bardzo ładnie.

I’d be remiss as well if I didn’t mention the wonderful soundtrack. Again, it takes a new direction, with variations on familiar themes re-orchestrated with a piano almost always playing. My personal highlight is the light and playful motif that dances across the keys to accompany a horseback ride across the countryside.

Soundtrack jest piękny i obrał nowy dla serii kierunek, z dźwiękami orkiestry i fortepianu na czele.

What’s Good:

  • A huge and gorgeous open world-wielki i wspaniały świat
  • Non-linear progression encourages exploration-nieliniowa rozgrywka zachęca do eksploracji
  • Sheikah Slate puzzles in shrines and dungeons are intuitive and fun-zagadki w świątyniach sa intuicyjne i kreatywne
  • Adds foraging, hunting, cooking and so many other new ideas to the series-dodanie  polowania, gotowania i innych nowych dla serii idei
  • Wonderful soundtrack-piękny soundtrack

What’s Bad:

Exploring can feel achingly slow at times-ekploracja wydaje sie być czasami powolna

Ill suited voice acting in cutscenes-żle wykonany dubbing  cutscenkach

Performance hitches on docked Switch-kłopoty techniczne podczas gr na TV


Shacknews 9/10

The Nintendo Switch is a great machine, but with a title as expansive and ambitious as Breath of the Wild, it has a hard time keeping up. It's too early to say that Zelda takes the Switch to its limits, but looking at the hardware specs I'm amazed that Nintendo was able to accomplish what it has. Breath of the Wild shows Nintendo's greatest strengths and unfortunately, its biggest weakness when compared to its rivals.

Breath of the Wild is obviously well-optimized for the Switch hardware, which is a testament to Nintendo's internal programming prowess. However, I still experienced some performance issues. At times you'll run into slowdown, especially in areas with a lot of foliage and wildlife. There is also present the telltale gray haze in the distance which has been the tool of developers wishing to obscure far off land as to lessen needed draw distance. While this haze doesn't completely obscure the scenic vistas Zelda: Breath of the Wild has to offer, it does take away some of the magic of looking down on the lands of Hyrule from a tall mountain cliff.

Switch ma problemy z uciągnięciem gry o rozmachu nowej Zeldy. Jest za wcześnie, żeby mówić, że Zelda wyciąga wszystko co możliwe ze Switcha, ale patrzac na bebechy konsoli, to autor dziwi się, że tworcom udało sie dokonać tego, co dokonali. Gra jest dobrze zoptymalizowana,ale nie ustrzegła się kłopotów. Tnie sie przy większej ilosci detali. Mgła pojawia sie przy podziwianiu krainy z wysokości.

You're not locked into any one way to experience The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Your journey will most likely follow an entirely different order than mine, and you can choose to explore the whole of Hyrule or beeline straight towards the conclusion of the game.

This openness of narrative does come at a price, though. It's incredibly difficult to figure out everything there is to do in Breath of the Wild. You're given free reign of Link's destiny shortly after beginning the game after a small introduction area. You're told about some key objectives that are located in Hyrule, including the over 100 optional shrines that in-part take the place of traditional Zelda dungeons, and sent on your way.

The lack of hand-holding makes Breath of the Wild a title that requires a high degree of self-motivation. There are few waypoints in the game, and even with the main quests, you're given a general clue as to what you need to accomplish. If you're not mindful, you can get lost in this Zelda, and it is not difficult at all to completely lose track of what and where your next objective is. Hyrule is huge in scope, and Link's new abilities to climb virtually any surface and glide across huge distances make it all too easy to get stuck somewhere you don't want to be. For some, this will be disorienting, and for others, it will be exhilarating. It will depend on how much you enjoy exploration and open-ended gameplay.

Autor podkreśla, że swoboda rozgrywki ma swoja cenę. Cieżko domyślić się wszystkich aktywności w nowej Zeldzie. Gra nie prowadzi za rączkę i trzeba mieć duzo motywacji by poznać świat, w którym można się zagubić.


Enthralling and vast game world.-ogromny świat

A plethora of content.-dużo kontentu

Evolves the franchise in a meaningful way-znacząca ewolucja serii

Challenging and rewarding gameplay.-wymagajacy gameplay


Switch's hardware limitations lead to muddled graphics and some framerate issues.-niedociagnięcia graficzne i spadki animacji

We Got This Covered 9/10

Let me be clear: Of course I know Zelda has never technically been about the storytelling. But with that said, we’ve all been raised on a diet of drama that follows the three-act structure, and most of the franchise’s previous entries — story-light though they may have been — still follow this traditional emotional arc. We get a swooping sensation in our chests as we feel the culmination of everything we played for the previous 30 or 40 hours come to a head in the endgame, and there’s a massive release as all the memories you’ve built up from your journey come flooding back over the end credits. It might sound harsh to say this, but none of the narrative elements in Breath of the Wild ever came close to moving me this way.

These issues with the story are rough enough on their own, but they’re definitely compounded by the finale, which is an anticlimax in more ways than one. Not only is Calamity Ganon easy enough to beat with relatively little preparation, but the battle also happens with little buildup and ends with little fanfare. It might be a necessity of the way the game’s structured (after all, it has to be at least possible for players to beat Ganon right off the bat), but finishing this game’s meager “main story quest” felt like an afterthought rather than the conclusion to a grand epic. There are multiple endings — which seem to be dependent on the percentage of certain things you’ve collected, such as memories — but neither of the two I got for defeating Ganon felt like much of a finisher after over 40 hours.

Słaba narracja i nieciekawe zakończenie.

For example, initial applications of the Cryonis power have you using it to create icy platforms to hop over bodies of water, but you’ll later use it to plug up faucet-like devices and clamber up walls with water trickling down them. The other powers are similar in their multi-use capacities, and perhaps best of all, this is the first time there really are multiple solutions to a given puzzle. Whereas previous tool design left very little room for invention or improvisation, most of the largely physics-based brain-scratchers of Breath of the Wild allow you plenty of wiggle room to come up with your own way of getting through a given situation.

Duża kreatywność przy rozwiązywaniu łamigłówek.

Like other Nintendo games, these are not going to be the most technically-proficient visuals you’ve ever seen (playing this after Horizon Zero Dawn just about guaranteed that for me, anyway), but a stylized art direction more than makes up for some of the simpler textures and jaggier polygons you’ll encounter. On the other hand, I am quite disappointed that the game encounters frequent frame rate drops when things get busy. It seems as though this happens less often when the game is in portable 720p mode than docked 900p, but it’s a problem regardless.

Znówu o spadkach animacji.

In terms of other performance, though, Nintendo has set the low bar (in a good way!) for load times in an open world game. Though this map feels at least twice as large as the ones in Horizon and Final Fantasy XV, it loads in just a fraction of the time — 7 to 10 seconds at the most, and I was back on the road to adventure after fast traveling. That’s quite something.

Mapa szybko się wczytuje-krótkie loadingi.

Longtime fans of the franchise will probably find — as I did — that Breath of the Wild is kind of a letdown in terms of its musical score. The tracks that are excellent are really fantastic; the battle theme that pops up every time you encounter a Hinox is one of my favorite Zelda tunes of all-time now. But in another show of taking chances, the developers opted to pull the score far into the background while you’re exploring most of the time, abandoning the catchy overworld themes of games past… in favor of mostly tinkly, light piano tunes that, while serviceable, felt sadly underwhelming compared to the sweeping scores we’ve come to expect from the franchise. I feel inclined to reiterate, though, that I’m glad to see the team trying something new, even if it didn’t quite strike a chord with me this time.

Świetny soundtrack. Choć czasami jest zbyt cicho.


yo-yoing around-  jojowanie w tę i nazad                              canny concept- ciekawy pomysł

peer - przyglądać się                                                                  mic drop- celebracja sukcesu

verdant-zielony                                                                          wage -walczyc

unearth -dotrzeć                                                                        eschew- unikać

chore- ciężkie i niemiłe zadanie                                             squirrels up trees for nuts-wiewórkowanie po drzewie po                                                                                                                   orzechy


Ufff, koniec. Ja zagrałbym w nową Zeldę z przyjemnością, ale najpierw wolałbym ograć Wind Wakera.





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